Meet The Team

We are a team of Growth Hackers, Analytics Nerds, who crave data!

We are a team of creative minded, tech savvy, data junkies, digital experts and of course Growth Hackers. We love bending and blending data, technology and digital marketing in clever ways to do things faster, leaner and more effectively.


Jodie Oliver

Managing Director / Growth Hacker


Suzanne Perrott

Magento Manager / Growth Hacker


Nick Taylor

Director / Marketplace & Magento Expert

We base our actions on real data. In addition to being data nerds, our team of growth hackers are good at a lot of things and great at a few.  We understand all aspects of marketing enough to be dangerous.  For all the things we understand well, each of us has our specialised area.

We are trained to think with a commercial outlook – revenue over rankings. We make sure that we understand your business, how it works and what your goals are and we do that before we even get started.

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We Are The Growth Hacking Agency

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